Fall 2021 Online Cover

Fall 2021

Hope in the Ashes

Tweeting Good

Signals from a Changing Planet

The Right Mix

SCU in Quarantine

Emotional Immune System

Reaching Out

Brunch Bond

Kick, Ball, Buzz

That’s a Wrap

Hindsight Is 20/20

From Tech to the Cloth

The Last of His Kind

Don’t Look Away

The Gift of Experience

New on Campus

Letters: Summer 2022

SCM readers reflect on themes of sorrow, celebration, and honesty they picked up on in our last issue.


Professor Jane Curry reflects on her history in Ukraine.


A single donation from Acting University President Lisa Kloppenberg inspired others during a Day of Giving challenge.

Letters: Fall 2021

Readers discuss what we missed about filmmaking alumni, palm trees, and our own inherent biases. Plus, SCM wins awards.