Fall 2021 Online Cover

Fall 2021

Hope in the Ashes

Tweeting Good

Signals from a Changing Planet

The Right Mix

SCU in Quarantine

Emotional Immune System

Reaching Out

Brunch Bond

Kick, Ball, Buzz

That’s a Wrap

Hindsight Is 20/20

From Tech to the Cloth

The Last of His Kind

Don’t Look Away

The Gift of Experience

New on Campus

Letters: Fall 2021

Readers discuss what we missed about filmmaking alumni, palm trees, and our own inherent biases. Plus, SCM wins awards.

Don’t Look Away

In late summer, as American troops quickly left Afghanistan after more than 20 years of occupation, people watched closely the crush of refugees fleeing as the Taliban took over just as quickly. It’s up to us to keep watching.

The Gift of Experience

SCU Trustee Jack Lewis and wife Carolyn are passionate about education for all. Their donation to the Miller Center will empower students working in disenfranchised communities.

New on Campus

Coming back after a long time away, things on campus may look the same—but students will find some surprises.