New on Campus

Coming back after a long time away, things on campus may look the same—but students will find some surprises.

New on Campus
As students returned to the Mission campus in fall 2021 they found two new members of the community: the Athletics Excellence Center and the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation. Welcome home, Broncos.

It’s the same bricked walkway past Mission Santa Clara de Asís. The same steep flight of stairs to the top of Kenna. The same line to get a sandwich in Benson. The same old set, if you will. But the cast of characters, the script, and the story have changed fundamentally. 

It’s a new season on campus at Santa Clara University and a highly anticipated one at that. 

This year, SCU welcomed not only one new class of students who had never studied on campus before, but two. 

As the class of 2025 found their bearings, so did the class of 2024, most of whom spent their first year of college online. After the more than 1,400 sophomores and nearly 1,600 first-year students checked into their new homes, many strolled around the campus that they may have seen only in photos—perhaps stopping by a new student welcome reception or a Bronco soccer game along the way. 

The return to campus was also a welcome change for the classes of 2022 and 2023, who had their time in Santa Clara cut short at the beginning of their college careers. For once, students were happy to see the inside of a classroom. 

They arrived to find the campus didn’t stand still while they were away—new buildings cropped up and opened, including the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation and the Athletics Excellence Center. 

A new season is underway at Santa Clara University, and the story is just beginning to unfold. 

And, as always, parents had advice. Here’s what they shared with us and their new Broncos.

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