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All members of the Santa Clara campus community—current students, faculty, and staff—are welcome to participate in the SCU In Quarantine story project. You must have an @scu.edu email to submit an entry. Simply follow the form below and select which prompt your story best answers. Then upload one of the following: a written journal entry, audio clip, or original visual artwork. In order to best capture a wide range of stories, we ask that you limit your entry to 500 words if written, or 30 seconds to 1 minute for audio clips (wav, mp3, or m4a files accepted). 

Entrants are encouraged to share their name and title for archival purposes. If you wish to remain anonymous, check the corresponding box at the end of the form. We will not publish your email address or share your name, unless permitted. We collect them only so we are able to contact contributors if we have questions about the submission. 

Please note that you will not be able to edit your story once submitted so please review carefully. By clicking Submit, you agree that your submission will be forwarded to University Library Archives & Special Collections for potential inclusion in the University’s archival collections, and may be included in the Browse Stories tab of this website.