Brunch Bond

New Bronco Exchange virtual program connects admitted students to current students, forging bonds over all things SCU—and food!

The assignment: Build a Bronco community out of a group of young people who haven’t met and haven’t been on campus.

It was a tall order for student ambassador Sydney Freeman ’22. But she had a nifty tool in Bronco Exchange—an online platform through which prospective and admitted students could connect virtually. And then she had brunch.

Freeman and other student ambassadors bought food from restaurants around campus and encouraged participating students to do the same. Over livestream sessions, they talked about the food options on campus and nearby favorite spots to dine with friends, like local icons Bill’s Café and Crepes Bistro. Suddenly, over food, everything seemed easier.

Bronco Exchanges match prospective students with current students, alumni, or professors by phone, video, messaging, and virtual events. More than 700 students logged on during Preview Week and 3,800 have signed up for events, says Randy Wang, assistant director of undergraduate admissions.

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