Santa Clara University


Busy Day

hanson_200When Janet Napolitano arrived at SCU on Oct. 15, she had already had a busy day: After a morning briefing in Washington, D.C., she flew with President Obama to New Orleans to meet with victims of Hurricane Katrina. Napolitano then flew to the Bay Area on Air Force One, and on the ground she was flanked by Secret Service and a police escort. She hosted a student and faculty Q&A, with one of her former political science professors, Eric Hanson (left), in the audience. The conversation was informal and unguarded—her comportment casual, her demeanor unvarnished. She leavened the serious subject matter with bursts of irreverence.

friends_200Napolitano confided to SCU students that she was heading to her 30-year reunion, where her classmates would be “stunned to learn that I haven’t aged at all.” In the Adobe Lodge, she was met by familiar faces, many of which she’d not seen for three decades. Leaving her security detail behind, she charged enthusiastically into the room, where she was awash in affection, posing for photos arm in arm with old friends, including Kimarie Reasons Manfre ’79 (right) and Kristen Clause Zissler ’79. Then she was on to the keynote speech at the Mayer Theatre, where another of her former political science professors, Janet Flammang, moderated the Q&A.