SCU needs YOU!


SCU needs YOU!

I just received the Winter 2009 alumni magazine and was impressed and surprised. I was impressed with the increased number of Hispanic and Asian students at SCU, but surprised to hear that alumni are not giving at the same level of comparable schools. I certainly valued my SCU experience, and I benefited from scholarships and financial aid. I’m doing my part to keep SCU affordable and accessible. I gave my second donation to SCU today, and I hope that alumni will hear the call to do the same.

Raul Zamudio ’03
New York, N.Y.

In December I received the Winter 2009 issue of Santa Clara Magazine and read Catherine Horan-Walker’s “SCU needs YOU” letter. About the same time, I received a letter from the Santa Clara Fund with the 50th Reunion Campaign Roll of Donors. I am proud to say that, after 50 years, I, along with my two Santa Clara roommates—Jerrold C. Bocci ’59 and R. T. Burke ’59, who endured our co-occupancy in Kenna, Nobili, and Walsh halls—were among the supporters. I would hope many more would also express their gratitude in the same manner. Go Broncos!
Richard Callahan ’59
Orange, Calif.


I want to thank Catherine Horan-Walker for reminding me that alumni giving and participation is an important element for the long-term sustainability of the University. I am a grateful graduate of Santa Clara, and I have been blessed with a wonderful life and a rewarding career. Today I made a donation to the Bronco Bench Foundation, in memory of my grandfather, Salvatore M. Sanfilippo ’30, J.D. ’32. He was an avid supporter of the University, the founder of the Bronco Bench, and overall a wonderful human being.

Thank you for reminding me that the University played a significant role in my life and my career success.
Kirk M. Sanfilippo ’81
San Diego, Calif.


Thank you for spending some time in the Winter magazine to educate our alumni community about the lackluster giving record of late. As someone who works in higher education advancement, it pains me to know that so few of our otherwise proud alumni make annual contributions. For a school like Santa Clara, with its emphasis on and delivery of personal attention, world class liberal education, and community service, our philanthropic participation just doesn’t stack up. Giving at any level is an expression of enthusiasm and gratitude for what we have gained from our education, and it is an investment in the inspiring things happening on campus today. Thank you for a candid reminder that we have some catching up to do.
Colleen Walsh Powell ’98
Brighton, Mass.


The “SCU needs YOU” letter in the Winter 2009 issue was startling in its report of the weakness of SCU alumni giving. A very important question, which was not addressed, is why. If we don’t know, we should find out. Ask alumni who do not give why they don’t. Even ask those who do whether there are factors that diminish their enthusiasm.
Bill Egan ’58
Cupertino, Calif.


Cathy Horan-Walker writes:

Dear members of the Bronco family,
I was really pleased with the response to my letter in the Winter issue addressing the decline in alumni giving participation at SCU and the need for ongoing support for current Santa Clara students. My sincere thanks to those of you who made a gift to the University in response to my message—and, in particular, to the many who sent letters, some of which are printed here.

This past December we had 135 more alumni give to Santa Clara than we did in December of 2008, which is great. But we still have a ways to go, as you can see from the “Bronco meter.” So I ask those who can to consider a gift between now and June 30 to help us reach the 20 percent participation goal for this year. Remember, a gift of any size helps. And let’s remember to keep those alumni who are experiencing hard times in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks again, and Go Broncos!
Catherine Horan-Walker ’69
National President of the SCU Alumni Association for 2009–10

Read Catherine Horan-Walker’s letter in the Winter issue…

The real picture

I enjoyed reading your article about the Top Recruiter, Michael B. Sexton (Winter 2009 issue). However, the pie chart showing the class of 2013 enrollment is misleading. A quick glance shows a larger portion of the gender demographic of the pie chart labeled as “males,” implying that more males were enrolled for the class of 2013—when your data lists females outnumbering males 52.8 to 47.2 percent.

With all the talk of gender equality in education, it is important to note that more females were admitted to SCU than males.
G. Miller
Campbell, Calif.

[Indeed, the numbers didn’t match the picture. The numbers are correct. The class of 2013 is 52.8 percent female students, 47.2 percent male students.—Ed.]

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