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In this issue, Spring 2008

Let the sun shine in

By Steven Boyd Saum. In the international Solar Decathlon competition, a team from Santa Clara blazed a dazzling trail from almost-ran to third in the world.

Visions from the Sixties

By Lisa Taggart. It was art that broke all the rules. And now an exhibit at the de Saisset Museum, curated by Santa Clara scholar Andrea Pappas, captures the sense of optimism and energy when the only limit was imagination itself.

Jorma's journey

By Mark Purdy. With Jefferson Airplane, he helped define the San Francisco sound. With Hot Tuna and solo, he's continued to delight fans with his fretwork. But once upon a time, he was playing guitar in the Nobili Hall cafeteria and handing out fliers that read "Jerry Kaukonen—Blues, Rags and Spirituals."

O pioneers!

By Scott Brown. When Santa Clara opened its doors to the enrollment of women as undergrads in 1961, it forever transformed the University. And those pioneering women learned that it took courage and humor to lead the way.

Two Arts

A poem by Michael Blumenthal.

Realty check

By Anne Federwisch. A pair of presidents of the California Association of Realtors share the lowdown on the mortgage meltdown.

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