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The Greatest

The Greatest

By Matt Morgan

Cameron McCarthy has a combination named after her: the “Two-Cam-Two.” It’s a shovel hook thrown between two crosses. View full image. Photo by Denis Concordel
Cameron McCarthy ’17 fought her way to the National Collegiate Boxing Championships again this year. Meet the best female boxer in SCU history.

Cameron McCarthy ’17 calls it her revenge streak. Three matches in the National Collegiate Boxing Association championships against three opponents who previously ended her season. First, McCarthy beat Kellsie Pence from University of Washington in the quarterfinals, then Eva Markosky from Penn State in the semis. But in the 119 finals, Vicky Zhao of UC Davis, a two-time national champion, got the best of McCarthy again. “I found out they kind of trained to fight me, knowing I was going to make it to the championship,” McCarthy says. “It was a little hard to lose that one, but if I was going to lose to anyone, Vicky was who I wanted to lose to.” McCarthy fell short of her goal, but will go down as the best female boxer in SCU history.

We put Cam in the ring with Marty Sammon ’56, a veteran boxing ref and judge. See what happened.

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