Literary Editor

Ron Hansen M.A. ’95

Associate Editor

Matt Morgan

Associate Editor, Digital

Clay Hamilton


Devin Collins ’17
Gabrielle Deutsch ’18
Perla Luna ’18
Lindsey Mandell ’18
Giannina Ong ’18
Maura Turcotte ’17
Esther Young ’18


Design Consultant

Pentagram Austin



Clay Hamilton
Naeem Turner-Bandele ’18
Brian Washburn


Class Notes & Obituaries

Alicia K. Gonzales ’09


Deepa Arora
Charles Barry
Kerry Benefield
Giulio Bonasera
Rob and Julia Campbell
Josh Cochran
Denis Concordel
Marc Crumpler
John Deever
Carina Del Rosario ’91
Cheryl Dumesnil ’91
Lam Yik Fei
Bud Glick
Alicia K. Gonzales ’09
Brian Patrick Green
Christopher Gregory
Adam Guggenheim
Harold Gutmann
Jesse Hamlin
Kyle Hilton
Don Jedlovec
Barbara Johnston
Joanne Lee
Deborah Lohse
Michal Macor
Sean McCabe
Charles McKenzie
Devin Moren ’20
Tim O’Brien
Eryn Olson ’16
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Robert Schultze
Sam Scott ’96
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Heidi Williams ’06

Santa Clara Magazine Advisory Board

Michael E. Engh, S.J.—President
James Lyons—Vice President for University Relations
Matthew G. Dewey—Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Kathy Kale ’86—Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations
Elizabeth Fernandez ’79—Journalist
Ron Hansen M.A. ’95—Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J., Professor of Arts and Humanities
Michael S. Malone ’75, MBA ’77—Silicon Valley’s professor emeritus
Paul Soukup, S.J.—Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Professor of Communication

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It takes everyone to build something special.

Together, Apart

The calling of the moment: Building community from a distance

Who Are We, Broncos?

In February 1923, The Santa Clara posed an urgent question: What are we, fellow Santa Clarans?