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Spring is Sprung: Meet the New Mag

Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2011


Hope is the thing with feathers, Emily Dickinson wrote. And there, on the cover, captured by the lens of Susan Middleton ’70, behold: What feathers! There’s a story behind them, of course. It’s a story about a male trying to impress a female, and wouldn’t you know it -- this dazzling multicolored beauty is what turns her head, perpetuates the species. In this case, the (threatened) species is Gallus varius -- a Green Junglefowl, from Indonesia. But it’s a bigger story than that. Hope is a hefty part of it.
Inside the print mag -- and here on the Web, too -- you'll find a photo essay by Middleton. Life Cycle draws from two projects, Evidence of Evolution and Spineless.
You’ll also find a meaty feature by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jeff Brazil ’85, who asks: “Can newspapers & journalism survive the digital age? Does it matter?”
And you'll find some reflection on what matters most in a tribute to Richard Coz, S.J., a Jesuit who so inspired generations of Santa Clara students that they created a scholarship in his name in 2007. Hundreds of folks have given gifts big and small to pay tribute to a resilient man who cheered for them on the playing fields and counseled them and wed them and baptized their kids, who traveled the world and brought back pictures to share, and to say: Look! Isn’t it wonderful? Fr. Coz died on New Year’s Eve, but he touched the lives of thousands.
Do you have a Fr. Coz story to share? Or read something in this issue that fires your imagination or causes you concern? Let us know.
And definitely let us know what you think of the redesigned We hope it better captures the look and feel of the print mag while leveraging some of the nifty stuff that only the Web makes possible. (Check out the interview with Middleton and the incredible Q&A array that Brazil shares.)


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