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Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011

One of the lovely things about the life of a magazine online is the ever-present archive: searchable (mostly), skimmable, printable, and permanent as long as the servers housing the digital repositories keep purring away. So perhaps not so permanent.

But point being: You, dear readers, roam through the past as well as the present on the SCM site on a regular basis, as Google Analytics tells us. What drew your attentions in the past year? The death of Chancellor Paul Locatelli, S.J. '60 loomed large -- just as his influence on the University over 20 years of leadership exerts a profound influence.
Explorers of the archives also came in search of the Spiritual Exercises and Jesse James, looking for photos celebratory and provoking, accompanying a bus that is taking family members to visit mothers and daughters in prison, traveling back to the founding of a college in Santa Clara and into the crossword puzzle pages. If you haven't read these pieces already, you might discover something illuminating yourself. Read on.
-Steven Boyd Saum
The long tail list for 2010
Photos from the book Filipinos in Los Angeles by Mae Respicio Koerner '97

Fall 2007

By Elizabeth Fernandez '79
More than half the women in California prisons are mothers. Some go months or even years without seeing their children. But with a bus service dubbed the Chowchilla Family Express, Eric DeBode ’88 is trying to change that. 
Summer 2008
By Francisco Jimenez '66
An excerpt from the autobiography of Jiménez, who faced many challenges since he and his family entered the United States from Mexico when he was 4. Through work in the fields, to deportation, to struggles in English class, he persevered. And now he's a professor at SCU.
Summer 2003

By Ron Hansen M.A. '95
Pastor, professor, mayor, and CEO are just some of the roles Paul Locatelli, S.J., plays in leading the University.
Fall 2007
By Gerald McKevitt, S.J.
It was amid the dusty clutter of an old attic where I found myself first asking questions that it would take me four decades to answer, writes McKevitt. Follow him on the trail to the founding of Santa Clara.
Fall 2007
By Adam Breen
While crossword puzzles may seem more the domain of a wordsmith than a math whiz, SCU Assistant Professor of mathematics Byron Walden has used his knowledge of number analysis to fashion a hobby as a creator of newspaper puzzles.
Summer 2004
By Ron Hansen M.A. '95
The author of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford writes about getting beyond coloring book heroes and villains to understanding a charming psychopath and his killer.
Fall 2006
By Bridget R. Cooks
An assistant professor of art history and ethnic studies at SCU offers an ethical examination of art exhibits featuring images of lynchings.
Spring 2006
By Ron Hansen M.A. '95
In his mid-20s, Inigo de Loyola kept an informal notebook of the consolations, graces, and inner wrechings he experienced while meditating on scripture. This Manresa notebook went on to become a practical manual that has helped escort countless others through mystical contact with their soul's deepest yearnings and thus with God.
Summer 2006
By Robert M. Senkewicz
How has the presidency of Paul Locatelli, S.J., transformed the University‚ as a place, and as an idea? 
Fall 2008

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