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Winter SCM Update: Near the summit

Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010

 Megan Delehanty on her way to the Mt. Everest summit

Putting together a 48-page magazine isn’t something that happens overnight. As for the actual printing, that’s another matter. It in fact can happen pretty much overnight. 

Twelve hours on the presses in Portland, Ore. (where we have our lovely SCM printed four times a year: winter, spring, summer, fall) and the ink-onto-paper part of the marvelous project is complete. Then comes the trimming and binding and addressing and getting more than 80,000 copies of the mag in the mail to the alumni and friends of Santa Clara.

There are a few folks who have a hand in every page of SCM. Yours truly is one of them; another is Linda Degastaldi-Ortiz, our creative director, who is just coming up on her fourth anniversary in that capacity. (Before that, she was at San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation.) She had the pleasure of accompanying our designer, Jane Hambleton, on the press check this time around. And they had the pleasure of press checks throughout one long night. Because, of course, presses run pretty much around the clock.

All this means you can expect to see the winter SCM in your mailbox as early as Nov. 30. Keep an eye out for the gorgeous wraparound cover featuring clouds, mountains, sun, and sky — and alumna Megan Delehanty MBA ’90 and an intrepid band of mountaineers scaling the highest peak on this planet: blessed Mt. Everest itself. 

Steven Boyd Saum
Editor, Santa Clara Magazine



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