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On Campus: 192 movements and a musical journey across the world

Friday, Oct. 29, 2010

When a piece of music has 192 movements and takes three years to record, it's premiere is going to take a special form, too. And here it is: SCU Associate Professor of Music and pianist Teresa McCollough premiered composer Steve Heitzeg’s World Piece Music. Recorded at SCU over the course of three years, this composition comprises 192 movements, each with its own set of musical chords and artisitic representations. You can find the premiere on YouTube.

Each of the 192 movements represents a nation, telling of the ecological and political issues of that country.

McCollough's goal is to send a moving musical cry for world peace.

Unlike other live premieres, this one takes place online for the user to journey at their own pace. The movements range from a few, short chords, like the Solomon Islands (156), to a more lengthy string of notes, such as Bangladesh (14).

You can find more information on this project on the World Piece for Solo Piano page.


Teresa McCollough showcases 192 movements dedicated to world peace

Teresa McCollough, professor of music at SCU and pianist


Lindsey Nguyen '13, editorial intern, SCU Stories

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