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Bronco Buzz: Wave Warrior Plus

Friday, Jul. 15, 2011

Shana Bagley J.D. '93 takes the sea by storm. And that's not all.

Bagley climbing the mast and sailing high

Ocean racing, including sailing the Clipper Round the World Race, is probably the most “normal” sport Shana Bagley has taken up. Read all about that in a profile of her in the Summer 2011 edition of Santa Clara Magazine.

Before she climbed into the rigging in gale force winds, though, she was already drawn to challenging and unusual sports—“the weirder, the better” she says. For starters, she’s on the U.S. Women's Eisstock Team (informally called Bavarian Curling) and competes in the World Championships in the Alps every four years.

She played rugby on a men’s team at the USA Rugby Division III level for three years after law school. As a Highland Games national finalist in California, she tossed 18 foot cabers. And she was California State Strongman Women's Lightweight Champion in 2001. (In this case, “lightweight” means she towed a 70,000 pound fire truck, lugged telephone poles, and flipped a 350 pound tractor tire.)

To keep up with Bagley’s adventures—including rappelling down the side of the Hyatt in San Francisco to raise money for the Special Olympics this July—you can also check out her blog at

Emily C. Elrod ’05

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Alan Williamson said on Oct 25, 2011
This are what we need to follow!
Dr. James said on Dec 12, 2011
That is one impressive person! She and Bill Kazmaier should team up and save the world. The gentle giant ( ) and Bagley could save the world!
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