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    Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010


    And so here we are: launching The Santa Clara Mag Blog, the latest online incarnation of the ever-expanding online universe (okay, corner of the galaxy) that is Santa Clara Magazine, telling the Santa Clara story for 30 years and counting.

    Always on a mission to surprise and delight and inform and offer a new way of seeing. How?
    Cover the particularly well-suited-to-blog bits that are part of the breadth that makes up Santa Clara University—in terms of ideas and events that are shaping our world, and engaging in the big conversations society is having—or should be having.
    With its home at California’s oldest university—which is also in the heart of Silicon Valley—SCM is firmly rooted in its Jesuit and Catholic heritage.
    With a commitment to strengthening the bonds of community and to helping alumni and friends connect with the life of the University, SCM is a magazine of the mind and the heart and the spirit, a place for compelling stories.
    Okay, but what’s the idea here? The lovely print mag only arrives once a quarter (spring/summer/winter/fall) and can cover only so much.
    We like to pack a lot in there but we also like to show off gorgeous photography and make the pages inviting with stories that have room to breathe.
    We also like sharing news sooner rather than later about some stories that come our way.
    Plus, we happen to know there’s a treasure trove of archival material at SCU that our readers would love to sink their teeth into. (Please don’t gnaw too hard on your computer screen, though.)
    Here on the blog you’ll hear from a few different voices, catch glimpses of the future and the past and of what we’re working on now for that award-winning print magazine.
    Post your comments or questions and fight the good fight for civil discourse as the odometer turns from 10 to 11 on the 21st century. Follow us here or on Twitter or on Facebook or whatever hip new social media platform comes swaggering onto the ’Net in the months ahead.
    But why now? Today’s a very special day at SCU.
    The University celebrates the Mass of the Holy Spirit, a tradition that goes back to the first Jesuit school in Messina, Italy, in 1548.
    The liturgy is one of hope and thanks. With a recognition of those who have come before and dreams of what may be, this seems like a very good place to start.
    Steven Boyd Saum