Santa Clara University

SCU alumni join Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Eight recent SCU graduates have joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC). Jesuit Volunteers minister by teaching students of all ages, providing legal services, working with refugees and immigrants, serving with social services and at community centers, organizing in low-income communities, and caring for people with HIV/AIDS.

The SCU alumni volunteers who joined the JVC this year are:

  • James Carlucci ’04, is living in Baltimore, Md. and working for AIDS Interfaith Residental Services as a residental aide.
  • Guillermo Carreon ’04 is living in Jersey City, NJ and working as an intern for St. Peter’s College Office for Community Service.
  • Karen Dazols ’04 is working as a violence prevention specialist and children’s outreach worker in community schools and for Sitkans Against Family Violence in Sitka, Alaska.
  • Alexandra Lasch ’04 is living in Washington, D.C., and working for Northwest Center as a pregnancy center program assistant.
  • Miranda Mestas ’04 is living in St. Louis and working at Loyola Academy.
  • Matt Petrich ’04 is living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and working at Loyola High School.
  • Vince Prietto ’04 is living in Managua, Nicaragua and working at Colegio Enrique D’Osso.
  • Tasce Simon ’03 is living in Boston, Mass., and working for Women’s Lunch Place as an outreach coordinator.

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