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Editor Adam Breen discusses the benefits of learning in the Silicon Valley.

From its Silicon Valley location to its stellar faculty, dedicated staff, and eager students, Santa Clara University is a vibrant place to learn.

Learning takes on many forms here. Santa Clara Magazine Associate Editor Elizabeth Kelley Gillogly ’93 writes about her former teacher, Music Professor Hans Boepple, who has influenced numerous musicians during his 26 years on campus. The award-winning pianist has a passion for music that is also reflected in the accomplishments of his students, many of whom came to SCU specifically to study with him.

For senior Aaron Uchikura, a University-sponsored fellowship in a Russian orphanage taught him to be more sensitive to cultural and economic differences. Opportunities like these, he says, “can open people’s minds and give them a chance to step out of their shell.”

Tierra Wilson, another SCU senior, used her internship opportunity to forge a unique relationship with Koko—arguably the world’s most famous gorilla. Tierra’s determination to work with the gorilla famous for its ability to use American Sign Language earned Tierra a job as a caregiver and researcher with The Gorilla Foundation.

Our cover story describes how SCU undergraduates shadow doctors and nurses at O’Connor Hospital and learn about the ethics of medical care through a yearlong internship sponsored by the University’s Ethics Center.

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Adam Breen, Editor

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