Feature Contributors



(“Future imperfect”) covers defense at The Hill in Washington, D.C. He previously covered the 2012 Republican presidential primary and the Minnesota congressional delegation as a Washington correspondent for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.



(“Sweetness”) is the author of numerous books on sports, including the definitive history of SCU football, Bronco Sundays (1998), and, most recently, Hey, I Was at That Game! A California Baseball Odyssey, 1965–91 (2011).



(“Bribes, bombs, and outright lies”) is assistant media relations director at SCU. She was previously a reporter at the San Jose Mercury News and the Wall Street Journal.



photographed Martha Suto for “May the road rise up to meet you.” He is based in Northern Ireland and his work appears in major publications around the world.



(“Let me lay it on you”) is a sports columnist for the San Jose Mercury News and mercurynews.com. He is also a board member of San Jose Rocks, a non-profit organization that celebrates Silicon Valley's historic role in rock music.



(“My fight, my faith”) is the editor of this magazine.



(“Bronco Battalion,” “General Joe”) has covered satellites, sports, rock stars, and psychologists, and penned a national award-winning profile of an Internet security expert for this magazine.



(“Life is Serendipity”) is the Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance at the Leavey School of Business and a leading expert on behavioral finance—a field he helped pioneer and has written about for this magazine.



(“From enemy to empathy”) has been a producer for KGO Newstalk 810/ABC Radio in San Francisco and covered politics and business for KTAR in Phoenix, Ariz. This is his first feature for SCM.



created the illustration for “My fight, my faith.” His artwork has appeared in The Economist, Orion, Esquire, and dozens more places.

Winter 2012

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My fight, my faith

As secretary of defense in an age of budget austerity, Leon Panetta '60, J.D. '63 has to make sure the Pentagon doesn't break the bank and that the nation doesn't break faith with the men and women who serve.

Bronco Battalion

What does it mean for a Jesuit university to be home to the Reserve Officers' Training Corps? Seventy-five years after ROTC came to Santa Clara—and 150 years after officers were first trained on campus—a few answers are clear.

Mission Matters

Going global

A $2 million grant creates a year-long fellowship program—with students taking part in a global network of socially conscious businesses.

Bribes, bombs, and outright lies

Legendary lawyer Clarence Darrow comes to campus—and shows that ethical issues raised in the Trial of the Century remain as vexing today as they did when spittoons lined the courthouse floor.

Alumni Arts

Let me lay it on you

Hot Tuna is back with their first studio recording in 20 years.