Summer 2011, Volume 53 Number 1


Steven Boyd Saum


Creative Director

Linda Degastaldi-Ortiz


Editorial Interns

Liz Carney ’11
Jon Teel ’12


Class Notes & Obituaries

Liz Carney ’11
Jon Teel ’12
Marisa Solís
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Clay Hamilton
Brian Washburn
Liza Stillman ’11
James Wilson


Web Intern

Liza Stillman ’11


Advisory Board

Margarett Avritt
Director of Marketing

Michael Engh, S.J.
President, Santa Clara University

Richard Giacchetti
Assoc. Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Kathy Kale ’86
Executive Director, SCU Alumni Assoc.

Paul Soukop, S.J.
Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Chair of Communication

Literary Editor

Ron Hansen M.A. ’95



Charles Barry


Section Contributors

Mansi Bhatia
Emily Elrod ’05
Justin Gerdes
Deborah Lohse
Alden Mudge
Dashka Slater
Sam Scott ’96
Heidi Williams


Copy Editors

Allena Baker
John Deever
Emily Elrod ’05
Jeffrey Gire
Marisa Solis


Print Design

Cuttress & Hambleton




Terry Beers
Professor of English

Elizabeth Fernandez ’79

Ron Hansen M.A. ’95
Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J., Chair of Arts and Humanities

Rob Gunsalus
Vice President, University Relations

Summer 2011

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Law at 100

A century of legal education at SCU.

What do investors really want?

A renowned behavioral finance expert reveals how our desires shape our actions when it comes to investing.

Mission Matters

Water, water everywhere

Ed Maurer has a well-earned reputation as an expert on sustainable water resources development.

State of the University

"Strategic agility" to do life-changing work.

Bronco Profile

Tree still stands tall

The nickname that Dennis Awtrey ’70 earned at SCU doesn't require much explanation.

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