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Yes and…


I took an improv class in high school. I was not too fond of it. Getting up on stage and coming up with original content is not a strength of mine. However, I did walk away from that class with one important concept: the idea of “yes and…”

This concept refers to one participant accepting what the other participant stated and rolling with it. It’s hard to have a “yes and…” attitude when you have your own ideas and plans, though.

I had my own ideas and plans for what the end of my senior year and freshman year of college would be like. Covid has shaped two of the most significant years of my life. It has changed the way that everyone lives life. While it has been a year of challenges, it has also been a year of growth. Covid forced the idea of “yes and…” on me. I no longer had complete control. The only way to survive was to take what was presented and roll with it.

I witnessed so much change around me. The community came together and was stronger than ever both at home and at college. Friends came up with new ways to connect and support one another. 

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