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Understanding Yourself


I was excited thinking about coming home for a few weeks. I was excited to see my dog and have my family all together again, but little did I know a few weeks would turn into a whole year. 

I remember laying in my bed after the news had reported California would be staying in lockdown till the end of May. I didn’t think it would get this bad, I thought I would be seeing my friends again soon. I stared at my glowing LED lights thinking about what this meant not only for me but also how society will have to adjust to this big change. 

Yes, being at home sucked and I just wanted to go out and have interactions with people who weren’t related to me, but the good thing about being at home was I had a lot of time to think. Especially over the summer, I was able to come to terms with who I was as a person. 

I started to come out to my friends and felt more comfortable in my own skin. While many people dreaded being at home, it helped me realize how many people around me cared about me and would be there for me no matter what. 

Yes, quarantine sucked on a social level but I feel that many more people also had these same thoughts and feelings and were able to figure out more about themselves. 

While my life still isn’t perfect, it’s gotten a lot better since I’ve been able to better understand who I am and not only feel more confident in myself but also others around me knowing we’re all going through the same thing and we’re all going to come out of it better people.

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