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Reflections of 2020

Surya Kiran Udaya Kumar

The year 2020 started with a great New Year’s party with friends. Just like any year, I made multiple New Year’s resolutions and was excited to work towards my goals religiously. Day after day, the news of the virus was all over and at first, it seemed comical to wear a mask. It was something that we couldn’t see, smell, or sense but it was out there, waiting to unleash the destruction.

In April, news of the pandemic gripping the globe was unbelievably horrifying. Losing near and dear ones was too devastating and heartbreaking. I was at my lowest morale after knowing the true colors of people around me; it was the test of time.

Days passed by, weeks turned to months and we all got used to the new norm, staying indoors “social distancing” to save lives. They were the hardest days of my life. Constricted within four walls of my room, I was barely seeing my true self; experiencing an existential crisis. It took me a lot of meditation and self-control to get things back on track.

I gave up social media to interact and spend quality time with my family. A sense of self-care and empathy was paramount. Tried my skills at cooking, tried learning to code, and revisited my favorite childhood hobbies. It changed my perspective on what I wanted to do in this life and I’m thankful for it. Reflecting back, I learned that we often delude in the flamboyant experiences as seen and perceived, forgetting reality. Unless we face setbacks, we never know what we are capable of! The year 2020 has been harsh and unforgiving to millions of people around the globe. I wish and pray for a better future from here. A day that will come when this pandemic will be a story of the past!!

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