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Every Day the Same


My eyes burn as I stare at the screen. The clock reads one hour left, but it feels like I have been in this Zoom call all day. My sister comes into the room to announce that dinner is ready, a time when my family would normally eat has been taken over by a Zoom class. My sister runs down to tell my mom that I’m busy. Minutes later, I hear my mom yell my name repeatedly for me to come eat. She doesn’t understand how I can be at home and unable to come down for dinner. This is the way that Zoom classes go. Monday through Friday, a repetition of events. Stuck in a zoom call, in my room, back in Texas: every day the same.

Fight Club

The founding senseis of the Santa Clara karate club are retiring after 50 years.

Long Schott

Stephen Schott ’60  adds “top-selling author” to his long list of achievements in sports, real estate, philanthropy, and more.

How to Be a Comeback Kid

The kids may not be as all right as we thought. Michele Borba ’72, M.A. ’75 details the teachable traits they need to get back to baseline.

Getting the Ball Rolling

Four Bronco alumni want to bring pro women’s soccer to the Bay Area.