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Every Day the Same


My eyes burn as I stare at the screen. The clock reads one hour left, but it feels like I have been in this Zoom call all day. My sister comes into the room to announce that dinner is ready, a time when my family would normally eat has been taken over by a Zoom class. My sister runs down to tell my mom that I’m busy. Minutes later, I hear my mom yell my name repeatedly for me to come eat. She doesn’t understand how I can be at home and unable to come down for dinner. This is the way that Zoom classes go. Monday through Friday, a repetition of events. Stuck in a zoom call, in my room, back in Texas: every day the same.

What’s In a Vote?

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Art history graduates Lauren Stein ’23, Maggie Walter ’23, and Annika Singh ’23 joined forces to create the first student-led art exhibit at Santa Clara’s de Saisset Museum.

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SCU Alumni and senior community members are pursuing life-long education at SCU.

Again & Again & Again

Sagi Solomon ’00, J.D. ’03 approaches sustainable fashion by moving beyond the individual and targeting entire brands.