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A Nation of Pride

Sunkyo Chung ’23

There is pride in a culture beyond the life of comfort
There is pride in a people, bringing with it unending hurt
We the people stand tall, a nation proud and strong
We the people crush those below, no remorse to right our wrongs

But it’s not me, it’s not us, we aren’t the ones to blame
Yet as we criticize others, their faults and ours are one and the same
I come from pride, lived with it for years.
Father drilled his in my bones, used to drive me to tears.

Our family railed on those without caution, who waved off the oncoming tide
We screamed at a government that, in mounting danger, consistently lied

Yet in spite of the pandemic, our families insisted to meet
“This disease will not reach us, for we are a group of elites.”
I raised my voice, my worries, my concerns,
For a week, I raised the alarm
My father’s sympathy I could not earn
He said “To us, there will come no harm.”

We were lucky but we were not right
Of a bad situation, how can one make light?
Hypocrites all of them, why act so proud?
Hurting everyone else, why shout so loud?

This is a nation born of pride, we are proud of this though it’s a sin
And it’s a disaster of our own making that, to this day, we still stand in.

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