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A More Positive Story


This pandemic and the United States’ response to it have impacted people in different ways. I understand and empathize with the stories of tragedy, struggle, and hardship that are numerous. I was in a fortunate position to avoid most of this suffering, and wish to tell a more positive story to illuminate the diverse effects that this situation has caused.

I never enjoyed in-person classes because I felt like I learned better by reading the material at home and digesting it myself. For over a year now, I have been in an online learning environment which has greatly benefitted my style of learning. There are less class sessions, and the ones that I attend are shorter than their in-person counterparts. This gives me much more time to work on assignments outside of class and overall lowers the amount of stress associated with school.

Furthermore, having this additional time and no in-person commitments has given me the time to put more time into my favorite hobbies. I love music, and have spent a large amount of time making playlists for the different types of music I enjoy. I also was able to put more time into improving my physical abilities, especially through strength training with kettlebells. In terms of mental health, mine has improved as this additional free time allowed me to practice mindfulness frequently. These health benefits I have from getting stronger, both physically and mentally, will certainly help me when the stress of in-person classes return when this pandemic is at a manageable level.

I am immensely thankful for my circumstances that have granted me the ability to turn this horrific situation into one that I can use to better myself. I know people close to me that were devastated by the virus in a lifelong impacting manner, others who lost their business they had for decades, and some for whom the stress of isolation was too much to bear. 

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