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Graham Memories

Earlier this year, the Alumni Association asked alumni to submit their favorite memories of Graham. Here are the responses. Add your own memory using the comment box below.

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Jordan Clarke

Winning the chariot race at Saturnalia with Andrea Dlugos and Lauren Iserman- 400 forever!

Nick Dimond

Frisbee relaxing in the quad activities in the basement awesome CFs La Barge

Andrea Dlugos

The huge slip n slide we built in the quad spring quarter of my freshman year

Bao Dong

Lots of them, but the year I competed in Mr. Alpha was so much fun!

Max Doniger

Losing my virginity!

Cristina Fowler

The Club A dances in the basement- I loved the highlighter party!

Mike Haney

My freshman year I was crowned lord of the misrule. Saturnalia was awesome. I really enjoyed the competition and community.

Kathleen Huber

Just hanging out in the lounges at the ends of the hallways with all our Grahamily all the time!

Ainsley Kelly

The boys made a home-made slip n slide in the quad and a tour group walked by when we were all out there.

Nh Le

Playing catch in the quad

Lindsay Lee

Graham Palooza had crazy slip n slide and water blow up activities with cool water stuff

Sarah Ludwig

Playing Frisbee in the quad and in front of the library. Laying out in the sun in the quad.

Nicole Mathwich

Winning Saturnalia! 2 years- 400 and 300 woot!

Michael Miyasato

On the second weekend of school, freshmen year a small group of us, say 10 people all decided, spontaneously to build a giant fort in Graham basement using all of the couches and chairs we could find. We did so and upon creating an amazingly awesome fort we decided we should sleep in it. So, we gathered up blankets and pillows and camped in Graham Basement overnight sharing stories and getting to know each other in our newly created fort. We played Cranium, learned each others backgrounds and the like. It was a great night. I remember not knowing everyone's name at the time, I was very bad with names and we had just met, but we shared stories and laughs regardless.We became friends that night. All of us, and we still are today. That was the beginning, and it all happened in Graham Basement.

Jim Molnar

When we would throw dance parties in the room after going out.. we'd have 20-25 people just dancing until the CF would come yell at us for quiet hours.

Marc Nakashima

Watching movies in the basement and chilling with la Barge.

Rachael Shinno

Playing frisbee in the quad and winning Saturnalia


Tracy Akashi

Winning Saturnalia!

Tatyana Alfaro

-Saturnalia -Laughing at people's ridiculous convos because the walls were so thin

Kevin Azpeitia

Hanging out with all my close friends.

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  1. Debbie Medeiros Carey
    October 8, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Memories . . . Steve Martin at Pipestage . . . what a deal! And who could forget the quesadillas . . . Wine and Cheese on Tuesday nights and the great dance parties that included doing the hustle in Graham 400.
     When I started at SCU I was a little disappointed that I ended up on the "upperclassman" side of campus, thinking I would miss the fun associated with Swig. Soon I realized that I I had the best arrangements - I mean a pool right outside my dorm? What a community we built. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Debbie Medeiros Carey
    October 8, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    Forgot to mention I lived in Graham 300 for two years before moving off campus and then spending my senior year as a RA in Swig on the 8th floor. Debbie Medeiros Carey Class of 80

  3. Ralph Hipps, class of 1980
    October 10, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    Graham 200 was the best dorm on campus, period!! Playing frisbee over the pool and off the sides of the dorm wall all afternoon was a great stress reliever! Some even made it into the open windows! Then there were the post finals jam sessions out on the pool deck, fun stuff!! Those were the daze...

  4. Tom Horan ('77)
    August 25, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    I lived in Graham 100 and I remember seeing a poor quality b/w flyer for " A Wild and Crazy Guy" with a silly balloon hat affixed to the light post outside Graham 100. Would sure like to have that now! As I recall the Doobie Brothers also played Pipestage. I also recall Huey Lewis and the News playing for a Law School function. But the most memorable was being part of the inaugural class of the "Living Learning Dorm" where I was exposed to all matter of things, including about 30 people who all went to see " The Exorcist" and then were too scared to go to sleep!