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The Lawyer from Indian Country

John Bushman ’75, J.D. ’80 dedicated his life to fighting for the rights and autonomy of fellow Native Americans across the U.S.

Informed By Struggle

Hardship forged a sense of gratitude in SCU finance professor Meir Statman and his wife, Navah.

Fall 2021: Signals + Connections

Check out the highlights of the Fall 2021 issue: SCU Bronco champions, alumni stories, and news from the Mission campus.

Tweeting Good

Hope in the Ashes

We Are the Champions

The Right Mix

Why Now?


Founding Family

A Major Debut

Carrying the Torch

Around the World

To Snitch or Not to Snitch

“Mac and Woolley” Turns One

Mic Drop

SCU Board of Trustees Elects New Chairman