• Khaled Hosseini’s Sea Prayer

    Khaled Hosseini’s Sea Prayer

    Steven Boyd Saum, 2 Nov 2018

    Writer Khaled Hosseini ’88 gives a reading at Santa Clara on Nov. 8. His new book is spare and haunting and beautiful.

  • Made Me Who I Am

    Made Me Who I Am

    Deborah Lohse, 22 Oct 2018

    He studied quantum physics, differential equations, and engineering, but law school made the difference.

  • Education Breakthrough

    Education Breakthrough

    Gabrielle Deutsch ’18, 22 Oct 2018

    Half the kids from well-resourced communities will graduate college. In under-resourced communities, the odds drop to 1 in 10. How to move that dial?

  • We’re No. 1.

    We’re No. 1.

    SCM Staff, 1 Oct 2018

    SCU tops U.S. News & World Reports Best College Rankings

  • Our Decade with President Engh

    Our Decade with President Engh

    SCM Staff, 28 Sep 2018

    Ten years. So many successes. A reflection on President Engh.

  • From Refugee to Workforce

    From Refugee to Workforce

    SCM Staff, 26 Sep 2018

    Supporting enterprises that help the displaced improves the world.

  • Grand Networking

    Grand Networking

    Leslie Griffy, 20 Sep 2018

    Reunion kicks off with added industry mingling

  • Meet Hawks Coach Lloyd Pierce ’98

    Meet Hawks Coach Lloyd Pierce ’98

    Sam Scott ’96, 6 Sep 2018

    Checking in with Atlanta’s new head coach—and assistant coach Marlon Garnett ’97.

  • From Playground to Pro

    From Playground to Pro

    Giannina Ong ’18, 5 Sep 2018

    A long way from the pick-up games she played in Idaho, Maria Sanchez ’19 continues to score for the Mexican national team and match records at Santa Clara.

  • Strangers and Beer on the Road

    Strangers and Beer on the Road

    Ethan Beberness ’19, 3 Aug 2018

    The Camino de Santiago, two bicycles, and a tale with a head