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In this issue, Summer 2008

Speed racers

An interview by Gwen Knapp. Cycling legend Greg LeMond talks ethics and doping in sports.
Meet the new Father General

By Steven Boyd Saum. Introducing Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., the new Superior General of the Society of Jesus.
No simple highway

By Juan Velasco. The Casa de la Solidaridad is less a place than a journey—one that offers a new understanding of solidarity. And a new meaning of home.

By Ron Hansen. A tale of shipwreck, a priest, and a poet. Hansen tells the story behind his new novel, which weaves together the tragic wreck of the liner Deutschland and the life of Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J.
For I was in prison and you visited me

By Elizabeth Fernandez '79. More than half the women in California prisons are mothers. Some go months or years without seeing their children. But, with the Chowchilla Family Express, Eric DeBode '88 is trying to change that.
Stand up

By Lisa Taggart. Women should rule the world, says Dee Dee Myers '83. And she's not kidding. Really.

By Anne Federwisch. Meet Christopher Stampolis '87, M.A. '98. He's one of the folks who likely holds the key to who'll be the Democrats' presidential nominee.
Santa Clara Magazine, Summer 2008
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