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Santa Clara Magazine - Summer 2006 Cover Story

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Cleaning up After Katrina

SCU’s students helped tear down homes that were destroyed during Katrina and the flooding that followed.

Southern Comforts

As a volunteer with the organization Hands On USA, Amielynn Abellera ’04 saw first-hand the effects Hurricane Katrina had on the Gulf Coast.

An Ethical Vocation

Research, community-based learning, and courses help students integrate faith, ethics, and the environment.

In this issue

The Man Behind the Sound

Karen Crocker Snell. As a young music-loving soldier in the final days of World War II John T. "Jack" Mullin '36 went to investigate a German recording device called a magnetophon. His resulting work in sound profoundly affected the field of recorded audio.

Three Roommates in Paris

John Patrick Donnelly, S.J. It has been 500 years since Francisco Xavier and Pierre Gavre were born, and 450 years since the death of Ignatius of Loyola. Quite a lot has happened since 1529 at the University of Paris, when the three men shared a room and went on to form the Society of Jesus.

Spiritual Exercises

Ron Hansen. In his mid-20s, Iñigo de Loyola kept an informal notebook of the consolations, graces, and inner wrechings he experienced while meditating on scripture. This Manresa notebook went on to become a practical manual that has helped escort countless others through mystical contact with their soul's deepest yearnings and thus with God.

Who Cares About Biodiversity?

Miriam Schulman. Geoffrey Bowker, executive director of SCU's Center for Science, Technology, and Society, says preserving biodiversity is one of the central problems that confronts us—and not necessarily for the reasons you'd think.