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Winter 2013

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Stories: complex plots unfolding around questions of who we are, where we're from, and where we're going—all of which makes us ask, and then what happened?


Winter 2013

SCM Letters 


Readers write in about John J. Montgomery, the Boys of '50, the SCU film program, and building biomedical tests.


Winter 2013

SCM AfterWords 


To track or not to track online behavior—that is the question. Or is it? An Internet ethics expert examines why the answer isn't so simple.


Winter 2013

SCM Parting Shot 


Kevin Foster ’13 became the all-time leading scorer in SCU men’s basketball history in November.


Winter 2013

Santa Clara Magazine 


The writers, photographers, illustrators, and other folk whose work you'll find in the mag.


Winter 2013

Winter 2013

Table of contents


To catch a thief

A young mathematician at SCU has helped equip police in Santa Cruz and L.A. with an algorithm that predicts where crimes might happen next. Is this the future of policing?

How to avoid a bonfire of the humanities

A veteran chronicler of Silicon Valley looks at why the high-tech industry needs—and wants—folks who know how to tell a story.

The play’s the thing

Kurds, Arabs, countrymen: Shakespeare Iraq brings the Bard to Ashland like you’ve never heard him.

Mission Matters

Heart of the matter

A statue that’s gazed on the Mission Gardens for 130 years gets a much-needed restoration. As layers of paint are peeled away, stories of the past emerge.

All work and all play

They make Erik Hurtado ’13 WCC player of the year and the No. 5 pick in pro soccer’s draft.


There’s global interest in a Massive Open Online Course in business ethics.