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The top 10 of '10

Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011

Photos from four of the ten most visited articles on


As we file 2010 under archives, we took a few minutes to look at the most popular stories on the SCM website from the past year. Here, dear readers, are the stories you turned to most online. Pat yourselves on the back for discerning taste, breadth of interest, and a desire for stories with pop and bang (including a grand slam during a first at-bat in the majors), ebb and flow, laughter and tears, infused with the smell of baking focaccia and the ache for a home long lost -- with journeys that take you from the dark corners of the Internet to the top of Mt. Everest, from Bhangra dancing in the White House to paddling in the Sea of Cortez -- and coming home to the Mission Gardens for a farewell to Chancellor Paul Locatelli, S.J. '60.

Don't see your favorite story of the year listed here? Let us know the what and the why of what surprised and delighted in the year just past. And watch for an upcoming post on the stories from our previous years' archives (all the way back to 2003, since that's what's online) that you turned to in 2010.

Let the countdown begin... 

10. (It's a tie!) 
Ten truths about leadership
By James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner
Context is constantly shifting. But over 30 years, the content of what makes for good leadership has not changed much at all.
Winter 2010

10. (It's a tie!)
Summit Push
By Justin Gerdes
The tale of tax accountant and mountaineer Megan Delehanty MBA '90 -- and her long climb to the top of the world.
Winter 2010

Bhangra Empire rocks the White House

By Mansi Bhatia
Two Broncos in an award-winning Punjabi folk dance. The Obamas' first state dinner. And the performance of a lifetime.
Spring 2010

Breaking bread
By Dona Leyva
For Claudia Pruett, it’s a family affair wrapped in love and tradition -- including 50 years of serving lasagna to SCU econ majors by her parents, Rose and Mario Belotti.
Spring 2010

By Martha E. Stortz
An enlightening firsthand account of walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.
Summer 2010

A last goodbye to Paul Locatelli, S.J.
Thousands came to give their last farewell to Fr. Locatelli this summer. Here we bring you the homily by Michael C. McCarthy, S.J. and eulogies by Mario Prietto, S.J., and niece Lynn Locatelli.
Winter 2010

Good, raw work: Writing, coaching, and Teens in Print
By Maggie Beidelman '09
Writing, coaching, and Teens in Print: a Bronco Profile of Kelly Knof-Goldner '90.
Summer 2010

This place we call home
By Kristina Chiapella '09
Generations ago, Native Americans in the Bay Area lost their land -- and the land lost them. But that is hardly the end of the story.
Spring 2010

Writing the island
Words by John Farnsworth; Photographs by Chuck Barry
A journey to the Sea of Cortez -- to paddle and dive, to hear the island speak, to look carefully, to write, to come home sunburned and transformed.
Fall 2010

Internet, we have a problem.
By Sam Scott '96
One winter day, Dan Kaminsky '02 stumbled upon a hole in the Internet that could make for a hacker's field day. It wasn't a flaw with a browser or a piece of hardware. It lay in the foundation of the Internet itself.
Fall 2010

Fenway Hero
By Scott Brown '93
A Bronco Profile of Daniel Nava -- who made his entry into Major League Baseball with a bang: by clobbering a grand slam in his first at-bat for the Boston Red Sox.
Fall 2010


-- Steven Boyd Saum

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