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From the redwood forest

La Honda book coverNeil Young lives there now. Ken Kesey any the Merry Pranksters once called it home. So, for a time, did the outlaws who rode with Jesse James. And they all make an appearance in La Honda (Arcadia Publishing, 2007, $19.99) by Bob Dougherty ’91 MEE, ’96 MBA. Part of the Images of America series, Dougherty’s collection chronicles the history of this rural community in the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains that was once a logger’s dream. When Kesey and co. lived there, Hunter S. Thompson dubbed their cabin “the world capital of madness.” Things have settled down a little, but there’s tremendous beauty in this mountain community near the sea.

In an SCM exclusive, here’s a gallery of photos you’ll find—of the colorful characters portrayed in black and white.


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