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Welcome home, Steve

By Steven Boyd Saum. Basketball superstar Steve Nash '96 comes home to Santa Clara for a unique honor: a ceremony retiring his Bronco jersey. In a convocation address, he tells how Santa Clara changed his life.

The School of Hope

By Martha Ellen Stortz. When scholar and teacher Bill Spohn was stricken with cancer, he and his wife, Marty Stortz, looked death in the face—and they learned profound lessons about love and grace amidst grief. This is their story.

Into the Hands of the Father

By Paul Fitzgerald, S.J. '80. How can we enter into the last human experience of life with faith, hope, and love? In the first ministerial plan to help the dying written in the West, Juan de Polanco, S.J., set out to answer that question.

Learning to Live. Again.

By Steven Boyd Saum. Bonds of friendship forged at Santa Clara have kept John M. Sobrato '83 and John Nunziati '83 close for decades. And now they've saved a life.

Arrupe Partnerships: Celebrating 20 Years of Community-based Learning

It's not so much a physical space, or even a campus program, as it is a diverse group of people connecting to learn through interaction, study, and reflection.


Steve Nash in his own words—The Podcast
Read the press conference Q & A and the convocation address, listen to the podcast, and check out the photos.

Heavy hitters on the SCU Roster
This academic year brings some new names (and familiar ones, too) to high-profile positions on campus. From provost to director of the Ignatian Center, from registrar to dean of education, counseling psychology, and pastoral ministries, read about the vision they bring to their new roles at the University.

Shakespeare in San Quentin
Aldo Billingslea's course in "Performing Shakespeare" took the Bard behind bars for a project where Santa Clara students worked alongside inamates at San Quentin State Prison. Read comments from the students and view photos from the performance.

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