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As I sit every day in an office overlooking the Mission Gardens, it’s easy for me to take the view for granted. From the rose gardens to the adobe walls to the green grass and palm trees, the view is spectacular, but I don’t always notice it.

How lucky am I to work at a place where I can stroll under a trellis covered by wisteria or open my window to see squirrels jumping from limb to limb of a two-story avocado tree? The tolling of the Mission Church bells each noon hour adds to the aura, but I don’t always hear them over the sound of the radio on my desk.

Sometimes, we need to see our surroundings from another perspective in order to truly appreciate them.

SCU alumnus Howard Anderson ’71 provides that perspective through his vibrant paintings—one of which is showcased on the cover. The artist was married in the Mission and used the church as the centerpiece of his painting “Graduation Day Santa Clara”. He recently completed his goal of creating a painting of each of the 21 California missions.

SCU Religious Studies Professor Tom Beaudoin offers a different way of looking at the holidays as he explores if giving and receiving gifts can actually be an exercise in holiness.

During the late summer, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano ’79 granted Santa Clara Magazine an insider’s view of her busy day for the story “Raising Arizona”. The story, by Susan Shea, SCU’s director of communications and marketing, shows how the governor handles the demands of her job—from staff meetings to television interviews to discussions of how to work with the mayors of towns affected by a fire—while still making time to mentor youth from a local YMCA.

SCU Political Science Professor and Fulbright Scholar Jane Curry recently returned from a year in Poland, where she immersed herself in a culture trying to break away from its communist past. Excerpts from her journal give a first-person perspective of her time working with, teaching, and learning from a proud people.

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