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Network before you need to

Jon Sakurai-Horita
Jon Sakurai-Horita

A friend of mine just landed a new position after leaving her company. This was the first time that she had to look for a job. All of her previous job searches were conducted in a better economy and she had people calling her while she still had a job.

During her current job search she started to reconnect with colleagues and friends and was referred to a few new people. She had many meetings and meals with people she had lost touch with over the years. Once she landed the new position, she told me that she enjoyed reconnecting and hoped she had the time to network now that she was working again.

Many people feel that networking is something you do only when you are actively searching for a job. It is sometimes viewed as a “task” to be completed just for the job search. As the Fall Santa Clara Magazine’s Career Corner pointed out, “Networking is key to job searches.” Networking is about connecting, learning about others, building relationships and giving information to others, and, therefore, should be done all the time. Job searches would be much easier if you networked when you were not actively searching.

Networking enables you to expand your reach to people you don’t currently know. Along with keeping in touch with colleagues and friends, networking can result in job leads even when you are not actively looking for a job. You never know when and where the next job opportunity will surface. In this economy, you also never know when you will actively be in a job search.

So network often and regularly. Make it part of your weekly routine. Just as your networking should be kept up, your resume should also be kept current…but that’s for another Career Corner.

Stop by the Career Center or contact us to improve or start your networking. We can also help you with other career issues.

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