Grand Networking

Grand Networking

Reunion kicks off with added industry mingling

By Leslie Griffy

View full image. Photo courtesy of SCU Alumni Association.

 Looking for a little serendipity—that moment when two people come together by chance or luck to make something amazing? The Alumni Association hopes to arrange some lucky meetings at this year’s Grand Reunion Oct. 11 - 14.

Special events for alumni from industries including real estate and builders, software, and entrepreneurs should have Broncos across generations rubbing elbows and, maybe, creating new collaborations. At least that is the idea.
"This is a way for alumni to connect with people who are in the same industry, who share Santa Clara values, but who they might not have met before,” says Maureen Muscat '91, MBA ’99 the associate director of events for Alumni Relations. 
Adding to the networking theme of this year’s event are LinkedIn profile reviews and a talk by Katey Dallosto ’93 sharing insights from her book,Fortune Cookie Leadership: Wisdom for Leadership, Sales & Life.


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