Santa Clara University


S. Andrew Starbird '84

Interim Dean, Leavey School of Business
Professor of Operations & Management Information Systems

1. Co-regulation of food safety in the UK.
I am working with two co-authors in the UK to evaluate the implications of co-regulating food safety in the UK. After the mad cow disease outbreak in the UK in the late 1980s, the government dramatically increased its funding and its efforts directed toward food safety. The funding levels are difficult to sustain and the government is considering different models for co-regulation: a partnership between government and industry to ensure the safety of the food supply. The contractual description of co-regulation must be carefully constructed to make sure that the industry is fully motivated to maintain the government’s strict standards. Our research explores the different incentives of co-regulation and how to design a contract that meets the public’s expectations for safety.

2. Measuring local hunger.
I am working with the staff at the Second Harvest Food bank to measure the extent of the local hunger problem and the impact of food assistance programs in meeting the needs of the community. The research has resulted in the development of a Hunger Index, which is used by the food bank and other agencies to track the effectiveness of their efforts and plan for future needs.

3. Long term forecasting of international demand for food.
I am working with Professor Manoochehr Ghiassi to develop a dynamic architecture for artificial neural network (DAN2) model for forecasting the international demand for food. The model incorporates UN regional food production data, economic development measures, and climate data to forecast production and compare it to need. The DAN2 forecasting methodology has proven to be especially effective at predicting a variety of difficult to predict variables including airline passenger demand during the holidays, peak water demand during the summer, and execution patterns in employee stock options.

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