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Shine on

Congratulations to the solar house project team! I am glad to see that engineering is still a fun and challenging experience at SCU. Now I see the solar furnace Art Williams and I designed and built as our senior thesis in 1958 as rather primitive compared to the solar house. But I also see a recurrence of interest in alternative energy projects. This group of engineers will build the future.

Brookings, Ore.

As a follow-up to the article about the success of SCU at the Solar Decathlon (in the Spring issue), I would like to invite interested students and faculty to a tour of our home in Nevada. We have participated in the ASES National Solar Tour for the past two years and would be pleased to conduct a special tour for SCU visitors. Over the last 11 years or so we have used the systems, we have learned a lot.

We have a 3 kW wind generator, 96 PV modules (both on fixed and tracker mounts), 14 flat-plate solar collectors, and 180 evacuated tubes, along with a geothermal heat pump and a woodburning furnace. I also have extensive metering to measure and report performance. Some years ago, I published articles in Home Power magazine about our systems.

Near our home is Deep Springs College, which has 100 kW of hydro and 184 kW of PV (I helped with the PV) for renewable energy—and is a good example of how a (very small) college can implement renewable energy.

Please let us know if you are considering a visit, since even a trip to the grocery store takes at least one day.

Dyer, Nev.

Basking in the early spring sunshine, I enjoyed browsing through the Solar Decathlon and Jorma Kaukonen articles—the former because it shows what perseverance, innovation, and teamwork can accomplish despite numerous challenges. And the latter because it proves how a Jesuit education can aid in finding vocation, directly or indirectly, no matter what one’s calling turns out to be.

Though I am no guitar guru, it is fascinating to know that Jerry and I have more than a first name and an alma mater in common: We both attended Ateneo de Manila in the Philippines as well. Go Blue Eagles and Broncos!

Keep up the great work.

Human Resources, SCU

Jorma's Journey

I had no idea that Jorma attended Santa Clara, but I am not surprised that he mentions learning the sensibilities about humanity from his Santa Clara Jesuit experience. I am very proud that such a rock legend walked the halls of SCU and that his love for music was somehow passed on to us.

When I was a freshman at Santa Clara in 1969, psychedelic rock was still in full swing. Trying to stay focused as a student athlete was sometimes challenging. We formed an oldies rock band à la Sha Na Na, called Jacque Strap and The Dixie Cups—with yours truly on drums. Some of the Santa Clara alumni in the band were Pam Vicas, Dave Zorn, Tom Cain, Charles Hess, Dave Anderson, Joe Morelli, Tom Lunceford, Mark Morais, and Alan Hale.

This band played the old Siefert Gymnasium for a spring sock hop, which happened to be where I practiced daily as a three-year letterman on the varsity basketball team. More recently, in winter 2007, my new rock and roll revival band, The Sparkletones, played the Watzit Club reunion at the Santa Clara American Legion Hall.


The article on “Jorma’s Journey” was most interesting. I spent many a night listening to the Jefferson Airplane at Fillmore West or Winterland back in the ’60s!


Whose pool?

Accompanying the Spring [SCM article] on the new Sullivan Aquatics Center is an image that shows only males using the new facility, which I hope is not SCU’s intention. Perhaps another image can be found that reflects the fact that others may want to swim?

Madison, Wis.

Point taken. Indeed, the artist’s rendering shows a men’s water polo team at work. But as Bronco sports fans know, the SCU women’s water polo team is also a force to be reckoned with. See Bronco Sports in this issue. —Ed.