Santa Clara University


A new sense of possibility

SCU President Paul Locatelli, S.J.
Photo: Charles Barry

What does it mean to find yourself in the top 100 universities in the nation? That’s a question Santa Clara needs to grapple with now. For in addition to marking the most successful fundraising effort in University history, the Campaign for Santa Clara has built up SCU’s endowment to $650 million—catapulting the University to No. 98. The bolstering of resources enables Santa Clara to take a more prominent, visible role nationally—and it brings a new sense of responsibility.

Chief Investment Officer John Kerrigan cites the generosity of donors and the efforts of the SCU Board of Trustees Investment Committee for their stewardship as being instrumental in helping the University reach this mark. “While No. 98 is gratifying,” Kerrigan says, “we’re focused on ensuring that the endowment continues to perform well in order to support the ambitious academic and programmatic goals Fr. Locatelli has set for the University over the next five to ten years. From time to time he asks me how far we are from the $1 billion mark!” What would that mean? Aligned with the top universities in the country, Santa Clara would be able to fulfill in a more decisive way what Locatelli underscores as the “highest aim of a 21st-century Jesuit education”: making the world a better place. —SBS

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