Santa Clara University

Summer 2004 

Summer 2004 cover

A Puzzling Professor

By Adam Breen.  Byron Walden, an assistant professor of mathematics at SCU, draws on his knowledge of numerical analysis to create crossword puzzles for The New York Times.

The Launching Pad

By Larry Sokoloff J.D. '92.  Top government agencies, other universities, and companies are relying on the University's Robotics Systems Lab - and its students - to build and monitor satellites.

A Novel Team 

By Kristin Lenore '04.  The University's publishing partnership with Heyday Books aims to help preserve California's cultural legacy.

"Passion"-ate perspectives on Mel Gibson's film  web exclusive

This Web-exclusive story offers SCU faculty perspectives on issues raised by the film, "The Passion of the Christ," which was directed and co-written by Mel Gibson.


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