Feature Contributors



(cover photo and portraits for “Bucky Bronco confidential” and “Evidence of things unseen,” not to mention work throughout these pages) has won national and regional awards for his work in this magazine. He has more than two decades’ experience as University Photographer at SCU.



(“HWJT? How Would Jesus Tweet?: Reimagining New Media as Social") is a religion writer and scholar of Christian spiritualities who teaches in the Religious Studies and Pastoral Ministries programs at Santa Clara University. She is the author of Tweet If You ♥ Jesus: Practicing Church in the Digital Reformation (Morehouse, 2011) and a regular contributor to the online magazine Religion Dispatches.



brings both writing chops and expertise on sports mascots from work with the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s to “Bucky Bronco confidential.” He is a writer/editor for SCU’s Office of Marketing and Communications.



(“Evidence of things unseen”) has covered science for Nature, Salon.com, Conservation, and others. She is the recipient of the American Geophysical Union’s Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism. This is her first feature for SCM.



(“Bucky Bronco confidential”) found the beginnings of this story in reporting a piece on fourth-generation Santa Clara athletes. For the Winter 2012 issue he wrote the feature “Bronco Battalion.”



(“Why women professors?”) is an associate professor of history at SCU. She is the author of Fighting Bob La Follette: The Righteous Reformer and is currently at work on Beyond Nature’s Housekeepers: American Women in Environmental History for Oxford University Press.



(“Talkin’ Dust Bowl blues,” “What will you be?”) is a New York-based freelance writer. He profiled Pat Mangan ’84 in the Winter 2009 SCM.

Spring 2012

Table of contents


Bucky Bronco Confidential

Who wears the costume today may be classified information. But here's one secret revealed: how Bucky came to be.

Why women professors?

Marking 50 years of coeducation at Santa Clara—and recognizing that it’s not just the composition of students that has changed profoundly.

Mission Matters

Here comes the sun ... and our solar decathletes

The 2013 Solar Decathlon is on! Santa Clara is competing for the third time, after third place wins in 2007 and 2009.

Bigger than all of us

Baseball Coach Dan O’Brien goes old school. He wants players—and fans—to rekindle a love affair with the game.

Opening new doors in the Philippines

Introducing Casa Bayanihan—a place to learn, work, and be changed forever.