Mission Matters


Historic Baseball Photographs

Three infielders of the original baseball club, 1867. ASCU

Santa Clara College baseball team, c. 1870. ASCU

Baseball team, c. 1886. ASCU

The baseball field, c. 1890. Mayer Theatre is now at this location. ASCU

College baseball team, c. 1890s. ASCU


The College baseball team, c. 1890s. ASCU

The College baseball team, 1896. Fr. Kenna is in the middle. ASCU

"Prince Hal" Chase, c. 1904. ASCU Babe Ruth comes to campus. SCU Athletics.

The College baseball team, 1927. ASCU


Unknown player, c. 1930s. ASCU

Unknown player, 1941. ASCU

1962 WCC champs. SCU Athletics

Willie Mays at Buck Shaw stadium. SCU Athletics

Willie McCoven at Buck Shaw stadium. SCU Athletics


1974 baseball guide. SCU Athletics

Broncos baseball player. SCU Athletics

SCU baseball team, 1985. SCU Athletics

Schott stadium. SCU Athletics

Broncos baseball team, 2012. SCU Athletics

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Spring 2012

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Bucky Bronco Confidential

Who wears the costume today may be classified information. But here's one secret revealed: how Bucky came to be.

Why women professors?

Marking 50 years of coeducation at Santa Clara—and recognizing that it’s not just the composition of students that has changed profoundly.

Mission Matters

Here comes the sun ... and our solar decathletes

The 2013 Solar Decathlon is on! Santa Clara is competing for the third time, after third place wins in 2007 and 2009.

Bigger than all of us

Baseball Coach Dan O’Brien goes old school. He wants players—and fans—to rekindle a love affair with the game.

Opening new doors in the Philippines

Introducing Casa Bayanihan—a place to learn, work, and be changed forever.