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Krista L. Frankovic '08

undefinedNext to college at SCU, JVC has been the most exciting and enriching opportunity that I've had! Every aspect of JVC has been a great experience, even the seemingly little things in my day.

My job placement through JVC is working at Cristo Rey New York High School as an assistant teacher in the science department. Cristo Rey is a high school that combines academics with a corporate work study program, in which each student spends one to two days per week working a full work day at a business or corporation in the New York City area. During most days, I teach four sections of freshman earth science and one section of senior anatomy and physiology; after school, I meet one of the groups of student workers for the day at a pick-up site where I have a "business meeting" with each to learn about their day and collect their time sheets. The students are by far the best part of my job, as they make each and every day a joy to be at work; I love interacting with the students and learning more about their work, their lives, and their hopes and dreams for their futures!

Each day I look forward to coming home from work, gathering in the kitchen with my housemates, standing around talking and cooking together, and then eating together and talking around the dining room long after we've finished. I love living with housemates who know and share my frustrations and joys, trials and successes. It is a great opportunity to live in an intentional community with roommates who share my interests in serving those in need, living simply, and exploring my spirituality and faith. JVC has taught me a lot about myself and helped me to grow in all areas in my life. I can only hope that upon leaving my Jesuit community, I will take with me the compassion that my roommates have shown to me and to the communities that we are serving and that I continue to have a passion for serving others, long after my JVC experience has ended.