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What do you think: Is the world going to hell in a handbasket?

News stories frequently force us to confront severe psychopathology, mental illness, and disordered behavior. What is going on? And what can we do about it? In "Are people getting crazier?" Thomas G. Plante offers his analysis, along with seven principles of prevention. Now let us know what you think.

Participate in a discussion regarding mental disorders of the new millennium.

Re: Re: What are universities doing? At Santa Clara...
Posted by Dede Moon Ranahan
Date: Apr-23-2007 at 12:7 PM
Thank you for your reply. On your CAPS web page you mention a "waiting list" for services. How long is the current waiting list?

Other things SCU might consider as components of its mental health activism:

Joing the Bay Area Regional Collaborative for Mental Health Workforce Development which is exploring ways to do the following: -To attract, educate and retain a more qualified and culturally diverse human services work force; -To improve the coordination between educational preparation programs and human services employers; -To hire, train, and retain and build career ladders for mental health clients and family members as employees in the mental health system, including private and public mental health agencies; -To provide workshops for junior and senior high school students to interest them mental health/human services careers; -To include mental health training in teacher certification; -To promote successful university models of supported education for students with mental health issues; -To encourage university faculty in-service training for working with students with mental disorders; -To use Divisions of Extended and Continuing Education to create certificate programs or additions to the curriculum on campus to upgrade the work force; vocational, postgraduate and enhancement programs; -To build university and county mental health department partnerships.

This is a partial list of workforce development topics and programs under discussion as possible recipients of funding through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA or Prop 63 which was passed in 2004), an innovate mental health program in California.

Other MHSA programs in development include Prevention and Early Intervention and Stigma and Discrimination Reduction.

Dede Ranahan MHSA Policy Coordinator National Alliance on Mental Illness, California 916-567-0163

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