Summer 2012

Volume 54 Number 1



Steven Boyd Saum


Creative Director

Linda Degastaldi-Ortiz



Charles Barry


Editorial Interns

Holly Hanbury-Brown '12
Nicolas Carrillo '12
Sarah Perkins '13
Jon Teel '12
Liz Wassmann '13


Web & Media Interns

Neelima Karki MSIS '12
Nicolas Carrillo '12
Sarah Perkins '13


Class Notes & Obituaries

Christine Cole Harden
Marisa Solís
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Neelima Karki MSIS '12
Clay Hamilton
Brian Washburn


Literary Editor

Ron Hansen M.A. '95


Associate Editor,

Clay Hamilton


Department Contributors

Deepa Arora
Connie Coutain
John Deever
Mitch Finley '73
Christine Cole Harden
Chris O'Brien
Sam Scott '96
Katie Sells '13
Heidi Williams '06


Copy Editors

John Deever
Jeff Gire
Marisa Solís
Sarah Stanek


Santa Clara Magazine Advisory Board

Margaret Avritt—Director of Marketing
Terry Beers—Professor of English
Michael Engh, S.J.—President
Elizabeth Fernandez '79—Journalist
Rich Giacchetti—Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Robert Gunsalus—Vice President for University Relations
Ron Hansen M.A. '95—Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J., Professor of Arts and Humanities
Kathy Kale '86—Executive Director, Alumni Association
Paul Soukup, S.J.—Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Professor of Communication



Summer 2012

Table of contents


The Makers

What does it mean to teach the arts—and to create art in all its forms—here and now? By that, we mean here at Santa Clara, in the heart of Silicon Valley, with threads reaching out to the rest of the world.

Respect the game

Now they're the subject of dreams-may-come true movies. But in the beginning, they were women who just wanted to play soccer.

Mission Matters

People, prosperity, and the planet

A new fuel-cell design brings top honors to student engineers.

In the zone

First Julie Johnston ’14 was freshman of the year. Then All-American. Now the Under-20 World Cup is calling.

Truth, justice, and coping with atrocities

Legal scholar Beth Van Schaack is tapped for State Department post tackling war crimes—from Cambodia to the former Yugoslavia.