• Drink Up

    Drink Up

    Perla Luna ’19, 25 Jun 2018

    Premier Nutrition Corporation calls itself “the good energy company.” VP of Operations Steve Sernett ’90 says that applies to more than healthy snacks.

  • Nobel Beginnings

    Nobel Beginnings

    Deborah Lohse , 27 Mar 2018

    Santa Clara Professor Hersh Shefrin, fellow economist Richard Thaler, and the beginning of the fight to have behavioral economics taken seriously. There was yelling involved.

    Spring 2018

  • A Brief Behavioral History

    A Brief Behavioral History

    Hersh Shefrin, 27 Mar 2018

    Hersh Shefrin on how behavioral economics has shaped the focus of his own writing and research.

    Spring 2018

  • All Eyes on AI

    All Eyes on AI

    Deborah Lohse, 27 Mar 2018

    Helping lead the global conversation on ethics in artificial intelligence

    Spring 2018

  • Guy’s Advice

    Guy’s Advice

    Perla Luna ’19 , 27 Mar 2018

    Silicon Valley icon Guy Kawasaki talks business. A conversation hosted by SCU’s My Own Business Institute.

    Spring 2018

  • Discovery Engineer

    Discovery Engineer

    Sam Scott ’96, 27 Mar 2018

    Falon Fatemi ’07 went from interning at Google as a sophomore to founding Node, a business development company with $17 million in investor funding.

    Spring 2018

  • Fruit of the Vine

    Fruit of the Vine

    Deborah Lohse, 27 Mar 2018

    A passion for passion fruit has made Rebecca (Mason) Kaduru ’09 a social entrepreneur in Uganda. And brought her home as first SCU grad to become an alumna of Miller Center’s Global Social Benefit Institute.

    Spring 2018

  • Time for a Big Shift

    Time for a Big Shift

    Meir Statman, 28 Sep 2017

    We work and save for decades. And then what? A behavioral finance expert writes about aging, providing for future generations, and the tough transition that many face.

    Fall 2017 

  • The Online MBA

    The Online MBA

    Deborah Lohse, 28 Sep 2017

    Introducing the first fully online version of the nationally-recognized Leavey School of Business MBA program. 

    Fall 2017

  • To Market

    To Market

    Deborah Lohse, 28 Sep 2017

    The Leavey School of Business unveils its “Production Innovation” program aimed at helping companies beat the 80 percent fail rate.

    Fall 2017