• Letters Spring 2018

    Letters Spring 2018

    Our Readers, 27 Mar 2018

    Justice for All: your comments on our Fall 2017 mag, inside and out.

    Spring 2018

  • Letters Fall 2017

    Letters Fall 2017

    Our Readers, 28 Sep 2017

    Readers write: of the $30 million gift from the Leavey Foundation, risk in the Marshall Islands, Kevin Starr, Ken Sears ’55, jazz, generosity, magazine history, and more.

    Fall 2017

  • Letters Summer 2017

    Letters Summer 2017

    Our Readers, 15 Jun 2017

    Let’s look back at the future of STEM. Comments on our Spring 2017 mag.

    Summer 2017

  • Letters


    SCM Staff, 1 Mar 2017

    Photographer Michael Collopy’s portraits of Mother Teresa are captivating—and we’re not the only ones who think so. Readers chimed in with memories of the saint and other musings on our previous edition.

    Spring 2017

  • Letters


    SCM Staff, 15 Aug 2016

    Did we have you seeing stars? Your comments on our spring issue.

    Summer 2016

  • Letters


    SCM Staff, 13 Mar 2016

    Tales from the Ricard Observatory: big telescope dreams, sunspots, a comet smashing into Jupiter, and the long-awaited delivery of a heavy box that was supposed to contain a state-of-the-art lens ... but held something else entirely.

    Spring 2015

  • Letters


    SCM Staff, 16 Nov 2015

    Brickbats and bouquets for the new magazine. A good baseball man. Silicon Valley Story.

    Fall 2015

  • Letters


    SCM Staff, 1 Jul 2015

    Reflections on the profile of Liz Bruno ’82, M.A. ’86, “The Fragility of Faith,” the El Salvadoran martyrs, and Alfred Hitchcock

  • Letters


    SCM Readers, 1 Feb 2015

    Remembering the Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador and paying tribute to extraordinary leadership

    Winter 2015

  • Letters


    SCM, 15 Oct 2014

    Readers write in about "The Catholic Writer Today" and a well-traveled sled dog. And share additional memories of Candlestick Park.

    Fall 2014

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