• The Earth Beneath Your Feet

    The Earth Beneath Your Feet

    Matt Morgan, 27 Mar 2018

    An earthquake strikes Mexico City. When the shaking stops, what next? If you’re OK, grab boots and helmet and help those who aren’t.

    Spring 2018

  • Nobel Beginnings

    Nobel Beginnings

    Deborah Lohse , 27 Mar 2018

    Santa Clara Professor Hersh Shefrin, fellow economist Richard Thaler, and the beginning of the fight to have behavioral economics taken seriously. There was yelling involved.

    Spring 2018

  • A Brief Behavioral History

    A Brief Behavioral History

    Hersh Shefrin, 27 Mar 2018

    Hersh Shefrin on how behavioral economics has shaped the focus of his own writing and research.

    Spring 2018

  • Sticky Science

    Sticky Science

    Tina Vossugh, 27 Mar 2018

    Amelia Fuller and student researchers harness the power of sticky molecules to fight pollution. Their work snagged a Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award. 

    Spring 2018

  • Make a Choice

    Make a Choice

    Matt Morgan, 27 Mar 2018

    A runaway trolley, and if you pull a lever to switch tracks, you can save one life—or five. Thought experiments come to life with VR. 

    Spring 2018

  • All Eyes on AI

    All Eyes on AI

    Deborah Lohse, 27 Mar 2018

    Helping lead the global conversation on ethics in artificial intelligence

    Spring 2018

  • What Does Politics Have To Do with Beauty?

    What Does Politics Have To Do with Beauty?

    Monique Beeler , 27 Mar 2018

    Timothy Lukes answers. Part of the equation: showman P.T. Barnum, naturalist John Muir, and auto designer Harley Earl, who gave us the ’57 Chevy.

    Spring 2018

  • A Cautionary Tale

    A Cautionary Tale

    Matt Morgan, 27 Mar 2018

    Sociologist Laura Nichols ’90 on how past and present converge for undocumented college students

    Spring 2018

  • Ball or Strike?

    Ball or Strike?

    Giannina Ong ’18 , 27 Mar 2018

    Or, when you’re standing behind the plate, what can sports can teach us about ethics?

     Spring 2018

  • Byzantine Digital Deluxe

    Byzantine Digital Deluxe

    Monique Beeler , 27 Mar 2018

    Kathleen Maxwell uncovers the secrets tying together illuminated manuscripts.

    Spring 2018