Letters & Corrections

Hear what some of our readers have to say. 


Michael Engh, S.J. is a “people” person, even though he’s a devoted Dodgers fan! He is, and continues to be, a most approachable man. Each Jesuit has many qualities, but you always feel comfortable when you are in his company.

Whether you’re CEO of a Silicon Valley company, or an incoming freshman, this humble man listens to you. He is the essence of a college leader. He gave all of us a decade of that kindness, hope, friendship, and work.

May God continue to bless him.

John Shean ’64

That human touch made a difference on campus. Now, we need to find out what team counts amongst its fans SCU’s 29th President, Kevin O’Brien, S.J. —Editors


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful tribute to a great woman, my wife, Lorna Panelli. She would have been so pleased and humbled.

Edward Panelli ’53, J.D. ’55

Santa Clara is lucky to have been able to count her as ours.


San Francisco owes Joanne Hayes-White ’86 a great deal of gratitude and respect for her tremendous contribution to SFFD. I cannot imagine a more challenging position and she persevered and made a huge difference. Brava!

Anonymous, magazine.scu.edu


I found some lineup sheets and programs in my files, showing that the SF Giants also visited SCU on May 3, 1983, and May 13, 1985, during my undergrad years.

The program also lists the final score of each game between 1962 and 1980, so I guess the teams met a couple of times after 1980 as well.

Damien Palermo ’85

We’d take ’em on any day! Go Broncos.



I was excited to read about the 10-year anniversary of The Forge. What a truly special place and how wonderful that is has become a permanent part of SCU. I couldn’t help but notice that an important person was left out of the history—Patrick Archie. While I know it’s not possible to name the many people who were involved in the creation and care of the Forge over the years, Patrick is the person who provided the vision for the Forge and BUG. Neither would have happened without him. I wanted to give a special shout out of gratitude for his involvement, care, and attention to these projects. His ability to bring community and campus together was a great gift to SCU, and his work with BUG in the greater Alma, Gardner, and Washington neighborhoods greatly contributed to the development of the Thriving Neighbors Initiative. May the seeds he planted continue to bear fruit for many years to come.

Laurie Laird ’87

Thank you for sharing with us, and our readers, some of Patrick Archie’s story. We are in your, and his, debt. Forge on!



I, too, was a member from ’73 to ’77— times of affirmative action. The club provides a launching pad for student members to extend out to the community and the world, and be caring leaders who happen to be of Hispanic descent.

Eldon Regua ’77, Maj. Gen. (R), USA



Julie is still one of my favorite players. SHE DA BOSS!!!!!

John Deever

Soccer fever was at a high pitch for us this summer, too. Great to see so many Broncos.



The story about Kaweni Ibarra’s ’19 summer internship with Hawaiian tattooist Pa’a ’Alana should have mentioned that the College of Arts and Sciences REAL Program funded the experience and hopes to provide internships for all undergraduates.

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